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Our desktop app provides information on all meetings and attendees.

Instead of spending time and effort on Googling for each attendee, check MeetPal.

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Of your external meetings

Attending external meetings with at least one person whose role you don't know or remember you'll need to look up later in Google or Linkedin.


Faster to find someone on LinkedIn

Using MeetPal can save you time each day searching for profiles.

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Frequently asked questions

As a result of using MeetPal, teams experience higher engagement, increased productivity, and stronger connections with prospects.
How it works?

Sign up -> Install MeetPal (Mac/Windows) -> That's All.
It should take less than 60sec after clicking the "Try it for free" button.

How do you get the information?

We only display public information that can be found using a simple Google search. We've automated it for all of your meetings.
Each day. Each and every meeting.

Can I start using it right away?

You can do that easily by signing up, downloading our Mac/Windows app, and pressing cmd+shift+M / ctrl+shift+M. Immediately, you will notice the Magic.

Do you have a Zoom Integration?
Are there extra costs for support in the Pro plan?

Nope. We are looking for your feedback.
Please feel free to send us a message 🙂
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